.NET Articles

Introduction to Blazor Hosting Models

3 months ago

We look at Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly, how you install the Visual Studio Templates and how to integrate an API through Blazor

Getting Started with CORS in ASP.NET Core

4 months ago

Discussing how to integrate Cross-Origin Resource Sharing and using it to restrict origin, verbs and headers from the referrer.

Binding, Child Components, Parameters and Event Callbacks in Blazor

4 months ago

Use some of Blazor's tools to create a simple message application that allows you to create, read, update and delete messages

Intro to Blazor and Creating a Blazor App from Scratch

5 months ago

Learn how to create a Blazor app by using the tools in the Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components assembly and setting up Razor Components and Razor Pages

Integrating SignalR with React TypeScript and ASP.NET Core

5 months ago

Learn how to install SignalR on React and ASP.NET Core and integrate and invoke methods through a SignalR Hub. Also a fix for an SSL bug.

Add a React App to your ASP.NET Core Application

5 months ago

Learn about the methods inside Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaServices to allow you to run a React application inside a ASP.NET Core application

Setting up your DbContext for Entity Framework in .NET Core

6 months ago

How to set up a connection string, adding entities, setting up migrations and overriding any methods for your Entity Framework Core DbContext.

Entity Framework Migrations in .NET Core

6 months ago

Learn about "Code-First" migrations and how to use the "Add-Migration" and "Update-Database" commands in NuGet Package Console.

Configuring Startup in .NET Core 3: Endpoint Routing and IHostApplicationLifetime

7 months ago

Use a console application to start up an ASP.NET Web Application and find out about the Configure and ConfigureServices methods in the Startup class.

Hooking into Mediator Pipelines

7 months ago

Using the MediatR library, we are going to hook into the pipelines, RequestPreProcessor and RequestPostProcessor. See a .NET Core MVC video on MediatR.