Learn .NET with online training courses for beginners

We have a great .NET course available if you're looking to learn, or improve your skills in ASP.NET Core and C# programming.

ASP.NET Core in .NET 6: Dependency injection is our new LinkedIn Learning online course that is ideal for beginners. Dependency injection (DI) has become a very popular design pattern with software companies over the years as it allows entities to not be dependant on each other.

The course will give an introduction of the design pattern, and how to configure it.

In-addition, it will show you how to implement DI into an ASP.NET Core MVC application, and will give you the opportunity to try it out for yourself.

Finally, it will talk you through some of the common errors with dependency injection and how you can fix them.

The course is available on LinkedIn Learning, and you can sign up for a one-month free-trial to access the course. They also have a number of other .NET online courses, providing you with the best training resources to help you develop as a .NET web developer.

So sign up today, and improve your chances of landing that successful career!

ASP.NET Core in .NET 6: Dependency Injection course
ASP.NET Core in .NET 6: Dependency Injection course