.NET is a software framework developed by Microsoft. The .NET Framework has been around since 2002 and is mainly used on Windows platform.

However, to support the ability to run .NET on multiple operating systems, .NET Core was born. MVC, Entity Framework and Dependency Injection are just some of the popular features to migrate from the .NET Framework to .NET Core.

The introduction of the Nuget Gallery began when popularity in .NET grew. The Nuget Gallery is a free and open-source package manager for the Microsoft platform, and continues to provide plugins for Microsoft applications.

.NET Articles

Using SignalR in ASP.NET Core & React to Send Messages

2 days ago

Integrating React TypeScript and ASP.NET Core to send messages. Create a MVC API Controller to send a POST request through JSON to use with SignalR.

ASP.NET Core MVC API: How to Perform a Partial Update using HTTP PATCH Verb

1 week ago

Using a ASP.NET Core API application to create a PATCH method within a controller. Test in Postman to partially update the record using the PATCH HTTP verb.

Create a Small Blog in Blazor – Part 4 – Build Category and Page Razor Components

2 weeks ago

We build up our Blazor blog, building up our NavMenu, Category and Post Razor components, using @page and OnParametersSetAsync to do this.

Code Prerequisites

Create a Small Blog in Blazor – Part 3 – Build Entity Framework Queries

3 weeks ago

We create services, with methods that contain Entity Framework queries for our blog before adding the services to Dependency Injection.

Code Prerequisites

Create a Small Blog in Blazor – Part 2 – Entity Framework Integration

1 month ago

We set up our entities and DbContext to integrate Entity Framework into our Blazor Server app. We also create the SQL Server database required.

Code Prerequisites

Create a Small Blog in Blazor – Part 1 – Create Application in Visual Studio

1 month ago

We get Visual Studio to create our Blazor Server App. Afterwards, we examine what files have been created and run through the demo Razor Components created.

Code Prerequisites

Is Asynchronous The Best Way To Go in ASP.NET Core?

1 month ago

We compare the differences between synchronous and asynchronous and find out if it's really better to code an ASP.NET application in async?

Blazor Server versus Blazor WebAssembly

2 months ago

Looking at the different hosting models available for Blazor, comparing on what each have to offer, how each one works and the differences.

Using Entity Framework in a Blazor Server Application

2 months ago

Find out how to change Entity Framework's scope to Transient and how to create new service scopes to use Entity Framework in Blazor.

Using Reflection to Create a Dynamic OnModelCreating in Entity Framework

3 months ago

Using System.Reflection to invoke static OnModelCreating methods, allowing Entity Framework models to be invoked dynamically.