.NET is a software framework developed by Microsoft. It is largely ran on Microsoft Windows operating systems, and began development in the 1990s.

The .NET framework can be used to write many different applications, such as web applications. These are known as ASP.NET applications.

As the popularlity of .NET grew, the introduction of the Nuget Gallery began. The Nuget Gallery is a free and open-source package manager for the Microsoft platform, and continues to provide plugins for Microsoft applications to this day!

To support the ability to run .NET on multiple operating systems, .NET Core was born. This is when .NET became open-sourced on GitHub. .NET Core contains all the popular features from the .NET Framework, such as MVC, Entity Framework and the ability to add packages from Nuget. And it promises to improve for years to come.

MVC: Patterns, Constraints, Controllers, Actions, Views

2 weeks ago

Ever been wondering what happens behind-the-scenes in MVC to render a page in an ASP.NET application? Wonder no more! I will take you through the processes that MVC does to solve that very action. Routes The first stage is that it will look through your list of routes. Declaring the Pattern Now, each route has […]

Dependency Injection in .NET Core

1 month ago

When using Dependency Injection in a .NET Framework application, there is a popular NuGet package out there that developers are using. Autofac is the Dependency Injection package where you can include your dependencies on the start up of an application, and reference them at several stages of your application. Not only is it available in […]

The Difference between Static and Non-Static Classes and Methods

1 month ago

We are going to discover what happens when we mark something as static. In C#, the static modifier can be marked against classes, functions, variables and properties amongst other things. But what is this static modifier? And how does something mark static behave? That’s discover. What is Static and Non-Static? When you mark something as […]

How to Create and Read CSV, Excel and PDF Files in .NET For Free

1 month ago

With the number of online businesses soaring, being able to produce reports on how a business is performing is essential. The reports could vary from a sales report, to a customers report. And businesses want to be able to create these on demand. But how can you automate these reports in .NET? Popular File Types […]

.NET Core 3 is Coming

2 months ago

It’s coming! Microsoft have announced that .NET Core 3 will be officially launched at .NET Conf 2019. According to it’s website, .NET Conf 2019 is free, three day virtual developer event organised by Microsoft. The event is happening between 23rd and 25th September 2019. So What’s New with .NET Core 3? If you read one […]

How to use SignalR when Receiving a Message from a RabbitMQ Queue in .NET Core

2 months ago

One of the things I faced the challenge of overcoming was using RabbitMQ and SignalR in-conjuction with one another. I am building a ASP.NET Core application and want to consume a RabbitMQ queue when the application starts. When a message is published to that queue, it sends a message to all the clients connected through […]

Using LINQ expressions to build dynamic queries in Entity Framework

3 months ago

Entity Framework is a Object Relational Mapper (ORM) that relates objects and properties in your .NET application with tables and columns in your database. As a result of it’s relationship between application and database, it has become widely used in .NET applications. For the purpose of this article, it is assumed that your database is […]

How the Mediator Design Pattern Simplifies an Application

3 months ago

As your computer application gets more complex, more classes may be added. So, the more classes you add, the more difficult it can be to communicate between these classes. This can be a problem if these classes are located in different assemblies. This is where the mediator design pattern comes in. With the mediator design […]

A Beginners Guide to XUnit

3 months ago

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been exploring the functionality of XUnit. For anyone who doesn’t know, XUnit is one of the unit testing frameworks that are available for .NET. Here are some of the topics I’m going to cover. How to set up a test project In-order to create a test, you need to […]

Migrating from .NET Framework to .NET Core

4 months ago

.NET Core was born back in June 2016, and at time of writing, it’s now on to version 2.2, with a preview of version 3 available for download. But if you are still using .NET Framework for some or all of your projects, then it might not be obvious what’s different with .NET Core, or […]