Round The Code Entity Framework Migrations in .NET Core Learn about "Code-First" migrations and how to use the "Add-Migration" and "Update-Database" commands in NuGet Package Console. 14th December 2019
Round The Code Configuring Startup in .NET Core 3: Endpoint Routing and IHostApplicationLifetime Use a console application to start up an ASP.NET Web Application and find out about the Configure and ConfigureServices methods in the Startup class. 30th November 2019
Hooking into Mediator Pipelines Hooking into Mediator Pipelines Using the MediatR library, we are going to hook into the pipelines, RequestPreProcessor and RequestPostProcessor. See a .NET Core MVC video on MediatR. 25th November 2019
Round The Code Registering a Domain and Hosting a Website We look on the steps for hosting a website, which include deciding on a name, buying the domain name and setting up web hosting. 13th November 2019
Round The Code MVC: Patterns, Constraints, Controllers, Actions, Views Learn how to use MVC to register route patterns, and use constraints, controllers, actions, views, and custom placeholders through the RouteValueDictionary. 3rd November 2019
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Round The Code The Difference between Static and Non-Static Classes and Methods Find out how static and non-static classes and methods behave and whether you can have a mixture of static and non-static classes in C# 4th October 2019
Round The Code How to Create and Read CSV, Excel and PDF Files in .NET For Free Save time and money by automating CSV, Excel and PDF files in .NET. Working examples of how you can write and read these popular documents. 24th September 2019
Git: The Popular Version-Control System Git: The Popular Version-Control System Learn about the advantages of using Git, and find out about Git software and hosting services available, such as GitHub, BitBucket and GitKraken. 8th September 2019
Round The Code .NET Core 3 is Coming .NET Core 3 will be officially released at .NET Conf 2019. Read about some of the new features, it's support for C# 8 and upgrading from .NET Core 2.2. 2nd September 2019