Dependency injection circular dependency dangers in .NET

Dependency injection is a popular design pattern used in ASP.NET Core for achieving Inversion of Control (or IoC) between classes and their dependencies.

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If the code architecture is poorly designed and services depend on one another, circular dependency can become an issue.

Take this code:

public interface ICategoryService { }

public class CategoryService : ICategoryService {

	public CategoryService(IProductService productService) { }


public interface IProductService { }

public class ProductService : IProductService {

	public ProductService(ICategoryService categoryService) { }


public interface ICartService { }

public class CartService : ICartService {

	public CartService(IProductService productService) { }


If the ICategoryService, IProductService and ICartService were all added as a service as part of dependency injection in ASP.NET Core, we would get a runtime error like this:

A circular dependency was detected for the service of type '{service}'.

Why is this?