Add a new record using Entity Framework

Entity Framework is a popular ORM which is supported with SQL Server.

It allows us to call database queries using SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE from an .NET Core application.

Take this model and service:

public class Contact {
	public int Id { get; set;}
	public string Name { get; set;}
	public string Email { get; set; }

public interface IContactService {
	Task CreateAsync(Contact contact);

public class ContactService : IContactService {
	private readonly MyDbContext _myDbContext;
	public ContactService(MyDbContext myDbContext) {
		_myDbContext = myDbContext;
	public async Task CreateAsync(Contact contact) {

We have a Contact class that contains properties including the name and email.

In-addition, we have a ContactService class that injects an DbContext instance called MyDbContext.

Finally, we have a CreateAsync method which passes in a Contact instance as a parameter.

The method is currently empty. Your job is to add the Contact instance as an asynchronous call to the MyDbContext. In-addition, you need to save the changes to the database.