Add CRUD operations in an ASP.NET Core Web API

ASP.NET Core Web APIs can be used to perform create, read, update and delete operations.

Known as CRUD, each one is assigned to a HTTP request method and can be used in an API controller.

Here is a list of the operations and the method that they belong to:

CRUD operation HTTP request method
Read GET
Create POST
Update PUT

In ASP.NET Core, we can use the [HttpGet], [HttpPost], [HttpPut] and [HttpDelete] attributes to determine what request method is used within a controller's action.

Go ahead and create a new Web API controller with an action for each HTTP request method.

Each action should:

  • Have an HTTP attribute assigned to it depending on the request method used. You don't need to include a name for this exercise
  • The method name can be anything you like
  • Return a type of IActionResult
  • Return the method Ok();

As a starter, we've created a MyApiController with an action using the GET request method.

public class MyApiController : Controller
	public IActionResult Read()
		return Ok();

With that same controller, add actions for the other three HTTP request methods.