Cheap VPS server hosting

Exploring cheap virtual private server (VPS) hosting and guiding you to the best VPS hosting for your website.

This guide will look at what VPS is, how it compares to shared hosting and how you can get a virtual server hosting for your website.

What is a VPS?

A VPS allows you to have dedicated server resources, and complete control of your environment.

This gives you a lot more freedom as to what software you wish to install on your server.

So if you wish to host a PHP website, you can install PHP on your server and host your website. However, if you want to host an ASP.NET Core application, you can download the .NET SDK and successfully host your application.

There is a lot more freedom of choice!

VPS vs. Shared hosting

One of the differences with VPS compared to shared hosting is that it's only your account that has access to the servers resources.

This means that another account can't take all the available resources of the server and potentially slow your website down.

However, having a VPS means it's your responsibility to look after and maintain your server. You will need to download all the software required to run your website, and you will need to perform any software updates.

It's also likely to be more expensive than a shared hosting plan as it's a dedicated server plan solely for your account.

Cheap VPS hosting

A2 offers cheap VPS hosting.

From $4.99/month, you can take advantage of a Linux VPS that offers a 150GB SSD storage and 1GB of RAM.

And they have a choice of managed and unmanaged hosting.

So if you need assistance in setting up your Linux hosting, you can take advantage of managed hosting. Managed hosting means that A2 Hosting will "take care of much of the maintenance, security and network performance while providing you with 24/7 support."

However, if you are comfortable in setting up the Linux server for yourself, you can go with unmanaged hosting and save yourself money!

Get cheap Linux server hosting from A2 Hosting

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