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An Efficient Way of Handling Multiple Actions through One Route

2 months ago

Recently, I wrote about a way that you can use one route to direct traffic to different controllers and actions in ASP.NET Core MVC. In that example, I mentioned that there were six different types of pages that would be handled by one route. This is great, but the problem I experienced was the data […]

The Automated World of DevOps

2 months ago

DevOps is fast becoming the accepted way of delivering features, fixes and updates on a regular basis. But what exactly is it? Well the Dev part is development and the Ops part is operations. Essentially, it’s speeding up the process of deploying a piece of software to a system. Making it more automated and making […]

Test First, Code Second

2 months ago

In the world where everyone wants something yesterday, it’s very easy not to write any test plans, particularly when you got an eager client on your back. And if you are severely behind schedule, and working all the hours god sends to deliver the work, you are going to have to cut corners and unit […]

Changing controllers and actions using one route in ASP.NET Core

2 months ago

I was presented with a challenge recently. Six different types of pages wanted to appear after a generic sub directory. Well that’s fine. In MVC, you can just set up six different routes to cope with the six different types of pages. Each of those routes can have a different default controller and action. Job […]