My name is David, and I'm a senior dotNet developer.

I specialise as a full stack developer, who has knowledge in a number of web development technologies.

As a backend developer, I specialise in ASP.NET Core technologies, using Entity Framework, SignalR with C#. As well as that, I use SQL Server to connect to an ASP.NET Core application.

In-terms of my frontend developer skills, I write applications with React using TypeScript which builds the JavaScript. In addition, I use Blazor WebAssembly as another frontend framework, and styling the applications using SASS which builds the CSS.

If you wish to hire dotNet developers for your organisation, or wish to hire dotNet programmers to help out with your web application, get in touch and I can see if I can be one of them.

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Email me if you are looking for a freelance dotNET developer for your organisation.

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Location: Worthing, West Sussex, UK (15 miles west of Brighton)


  • C#
  • .NET Core
  • ASP.NET Core
  • SQL Server
  • Entity Framework
  • Blazor
  • MVC
  • MediatR
  • SignalR
  • NuGet
  • LINQ
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • XUnit
  • Visual Studio